Updating Planet ID-Slackware

Today, i have been busy working on Planet ID-Slackware. I think it has been abandonded for some time, as i checked the emails and i found a lot of unprocesses request to enter the planet entries. I have processed them and now, some of them has been processed and entered the list and some of them will have to fix some issues before they can enter the list.

Some old entries were removed due to unavailable any longer.

If you want your blog to be listed on the Planet, you can submit them to info @ slackware-id.org. You must make sure that your blog is Slackware or Linux related blog. If it's a general blog, please submit the link to the post where it's related to Slackware (usually in forms of Tag/Label/Category).

One more thing. I will also need an RSS feed URL which only displays the Slackware-related entries. Wordpress can be configured to do so, so it's not a big deal.

You can also show your face in the Planet. It's called Hackergotchi. There are a lot of tutorials on the Internet on how to create one of those using GIMP. You can send your face to me in PNG format. 100x100 pixel will be adequate for your face icon Bring it

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