Slackware 13.1 RC2: Pidgin 2.7.0 Arrived

With today's update, the Slackware 13.1 development status has reached RC2 and in few days, i believe the final 13.1 will be released as Pat himself has given a sign "Expect a stable release when it's ready."

The changes in -Current is about Pidgin. The final 2.7.0 has been included and the pidgin-encryption has been upgraded to 3.1 (at last. It has been used without any update since 12.2 i believe). system-config-printers also being upgraded and btrfs-progs is also upgraded in /testing. Please note that btrfs is not yet included as the supported filesystems in 13.1 yet, as it's still considered experimental. Perhaps the next Slackware release after 13.1 will include this file system when it's being marked as stable in the kernel mainline.

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