KDE 4.4.3 Will be Official in 13.1

Today, Pat released what he called to be Slackware 13.1 Beta 1 with a shocking release : KDE 4.4.3 is now being included in 13.1 development tree. Yes, i know you might be wondering why on earth does he make such big changes in -Current, but Eric has been compiling KDE 4.4.x series on his internal repositories and most people find it working even without the use of PAM which Pat tried to avoid.

So, after battling for some time, i guess Pat finally decided to include KDE 4.4.3 to -Current and makes this update as a milestone as Beta 1. It's a long road to final release of Slackware 13.1, but i'm guessing it will be released in July (IMHO). By that time, it will be the best ever Slackware release that utilize KDE 4.4.x series on it's way.

One Amarok package is also added in /testing. It's 2.3.1 Beta 1. Since it's still in Beta, it's still reside in /testing, but since it has many interesting new features, i believe Pat can't resist of taking it into considerations to be included in -Current for public testing.

I have done rsyncing my internal repository and i will do the upgrades tonight as i have more spare time. By next week, i will have all of my desktops/laptops running on KDE 4.4.3 Yahoo

Thanks to Eric, Robby, Pat, and all Slackware crews to make this happens Worship

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