Security Update: OpenSSL, Firefox, Seamonkey

Three security updates were released just now. They are OpenSSL, Firefox, and Seamonkey packages. Along with this release, several packages gets an upgrade also, such as the Kernels, Java, and many others.

Since it's very new, it hasn't reached Slackware's mirror in OSUOSL yet. When i tried to run my rsync script, it didn't get the new updates yet. I think it will take some time before it reaches the main mirror and then distributed to other mirrors.

I wonder if Slackware will use the new OpenSSL 1.0 package in the future. It has been released, but it's a major upgrade compared to 0.9.8 version, so thorough testing is required before it is included in -Current.

Oh, and i hope it's not an April Fool's update lmao

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