Probably Another Huge Changes Again

Slackware-Current has been idling for almost two weeks. Situation like this only occurs when there are huge updates and changes happening in the internal repository in which Slackware team are cooking, boiling and mixing them to find the best recipe for public consumption.

This are some of my ideal wishlist for -Current (Updated)
- GCC 4.5.0
- Perl 5.12.0
- Python 3.1.2
- PHP 5.3.2
- GTK 2.20.0
- OpenSSL 1.0

I know most of them won't make it to -Current, for example GCC and newer XOrg/Mesa as it will bring more pressure to the testing process, but others may be included when there's no stability risk, such as JDK, sendmail, samba, cups, and mysql.

Update (7 May 2010): The list has been shrinking as time goes by and i believe that should be the last changes on my wishlist, since the rest are major changes and i think i can live with it to be included on the next's next Slackware release (14.0 probably)

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