Poll Results

Two months is long enough and it's time to show the results of the poll. Based on the poll, most voters didn't have the hybrid laptops yet and they do not wish to buy them. It reached 72% of the total votes, with 34 voters.

IMHO, the main reason is that Hybrid GPU is not yet supported in Linux (it will in the next Linux Kernel release after Dave Airlie pushed his work to the Linus' tree and got accepted in the merge window). I believe it will change when it has an official support in the kernel or in the XOrg packages in the future.

I do have hybrid laptop and so far, i can make use only the Intel card, leaving NVidia's card useless so i have to turn it off to make my battery life last longer.

Here are the poll results:
No, i don't have one and not planning to buy it 34 (72%)
Yes, i do have (can be more than one) 5 (10%)
No, but i'm planning to buy it 8 (17%)

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