New Gtkpod Release

I have just upgraded to gtkpod 0.99.16, the latest version of gtkpod, which is not yet published on their website, but it's already available on SourceForge download page. What's new on this release? Well, here they are:
  • NEW FEATURE: Volumn control added to detail window for setting the volume of a track. Thanks to Andrea Odetti.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Migration from hal, which is now deprecated, to gio. Thanks to Nikias Bassen.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Translation support.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Support for using CMake as well as autotools
  • IMPROVEMENT: Code compatibility for compiling using Clang. Thanks to Maia Kozheva.
  • BUGFIX: Crash when a cover art image is dragged and dropped.
  • BUGFIX: Freeze when changing from the photo window back to the playlist window.
  • BUGFIX: Numerous double frees and memory leaks.
Meanwhile, libgpod, the library that makes gtkpod able to read iPod device has released a new development version, 0.7.92. This version brings supports to iPod Classic, iPod Touch/iPhone (including firmware 3.x) and iPod Nano 5th Generation.

Remember, this is a development version, so there might still be bugs lurking inside the code. Slackware-Current still uses the stable version, 0.7.2 version. If you need support for your newer IPod or IPhone, then yes, you will need to use development version of libgpod.

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