KDE 4.4.2 With PolicyKit From Eric

For some time, people may be wondering, why on earth Slackware-Current hasn't include KDE 4.4 on the tree even though it has released their second maintenance version (4.4.2). Well, Eric or most people know him as AlienBOB has described the problem on LQ.

In short, Slackware is not able to satisfy some of the requirements that KDE 4.4.x depends on, which is PolicyKit. Why is that? Because PolicyKit depends on PAM, something that makes GNOME were not being distributed again in Slackware since 10.2 since it requires PAM. This resulted in two options: leave KDE 4.4 (or probably abandon KDE like GNOME if no further action can be done with KDE) or wait until PolicyKit is able to be built without being dependend to PAM. That's why Pat still uses KDE 4.3.x in -Current and probably add KDE 4.4 or 4.5 when the next next Slackware release, yes, it's a double next (14 or 13.2).

The long await has finally paid off. Piter PUNK and Robby Workman has worked with one of the WICD developer to make PolicyKit buildable without PAM. The real output of this work is the new shinny KDE 4.4.2 on Eric's repository which already include PolicyKit that is build without PAM.

I'm not sure whether this work can be included in the -Current or not, but i do believe that most people who used KDE will be happy to see this work, as KDE without PolicyKit will loss some of it's functionality, such as updating the time, install new fonts and printers. Right now, the problem is fixed, but don't expect to see them in the official -Current tree in short time Goodluck

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