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XOrg Updates

Looks like my wishlist has been partially fulfilled by the latest update in -Current tree. There are some huge updates on x/ directory thanks to Robby Workman. Mesa, XOrg-server, compiz, and many other packages get upgraded and there is one new package added to prevent nouveau being loaded by the kernel as Slackware hasn't shipped nouveau drivers yet and it would cause nv and nvidia driver to broke.

Security Update: irssi

One security update has been released, irssi. As usual, what comes with security update are packages that has been tested and it's confirmed to be stable enough for public consumption. Some of them are bash, acpid, cups, ruby, ntp, samba, sendmail, and audacious.

Full changelog can be seen here

Security Update: Sudo, kdebase-workspace

Two security updates has been released on -Current today, sudo and kdebase-workspace. Sudo has been upgraded to 1.7.x, moving from 1.6.x which is no longer maintained actively. It will only receive security updates, so it's better to move on to the next stable release.

Along with this update, several packages gets upgraded, such as kernel which is now being lifted up to, mpg123, MySQL, cmake, Git, Amarok, KOffice, lesstiff, libmtp, taglib, and gnutls. There's one new package being added, loutmouth which is used by Amarok's mp3tunes services.

Some of my wishlist has been fulfilled, waiting for others to be included as well

Probably Another Huge Changes Again

Slackware-Current has been idling for almost two weeks. Situation like this only occurs when there are huge updates and changes happening in the internal repository in which Slackware team are cooking, boiling and mixing them to find the best recipe for public consumption.

This are some of my ideal wishlist for -Current (Updated)
- GCC 4.5.0
- Perl 5.12.0
- Python 3.1.2
- PHP 5.3.2
- GTK 2.20.0
- OpenSSL 1.0

I know most of them won't make it to -Current, for example GCC and newer XOrg/Mesa as it will bring more pressure to the testing process, but others may be included when there's no stability risk, such as JDK, sendmail, samba, cups, and mysql.

Update (7 May 2010): The list has been shrinking as time goes by and i believe that should be the last changes on my wishlist, since the rest are major changes and i think i can live with it to be included on the next's next Slackware release (14.0 probably)

Remote Desktop Using Tightvnc

Since Slackware 13.0, tightvnc package has been added to the repository, even though it still resides in extra/ directory, meaning it's not yet in the main directory. No problems though, since it's quite stable enough for daily usage and i will show you how to use it.

First of all, tightvnc is an application which allows you to control your other computer (desktop/laptop) via a network. It's different compared to normal ssh connection, since you will have full access to your desktop, but it's same with SSH X11 Forwarding but with less configuration (IMHO)

OK, let's start the very simple tutorial. Install tightvnc package by issuing installpkg tightvnc-1.3.10-i486-1.txz or slackpkg install tightvnc if you are using slackpkg. This will install a vncserver (server) and vncviewer (client) components.

All you need on the server is to run the vncserver application with some configuration. The most basic configuration is by running
vncserver -geometry 1024x768
this will…

Missing Playlist

I have upgraded to the latest Amarok in -Current last month (it was included in -Current since March 1), but today is the first execution of new Amarok (2.2.2) and i was to see that my playlist are gone . Perhaps the new version breaks some incompatibility with the older version and the result is devastating. Let's hope that it won't break again when 2.3.0 is included in Slackware-Current.

By the way, Amarok 2.2.2 is definitely better than previous version. It doesn't hang again when i opened the main window. Creating new playlist is also faster and smoother than before. Other than that, i think you can see it on the Release Notes.

Wesnoth 1.8 on -Current

For those who wanted to install or upgrade to Wesnoth 1.8, you can go to SlackBuilds project to get the SlackBuilds script for Wesnoth. The SlackBuilds script is using 1.7.11, but you can change the version to 1.8 and it should work just fine.

For those who runs on -Current, the SlackBuilds will fail due to changes in -Current related to libpng. I have made a simple patch for that:

--- src/tools/exploder_utils.cpp.orig 2010-04-09 17:22:42.441389479 +0700
+++ src/tools/exploder_utils.cpp 2010-04-09 17:29:49.820391476 +0700
@@ -174,8 +174,8 @@
//TODO: review whether providing NULL error handlers is something
png_struct* png_ptr = png_create_write_struct
- (PNG_LIBPNG_VER_STRING, reinterpret_cast(png_voidp_NULL),
- png_error_ptr_NULL, png_error_ptr_NULL);
throw exploder_failure("Unable to initialize the png wr…

GNOME 2.30 Build Order

Walecha has updated his GNOME build order to make it work on GNOME 2.30 on his latest blog post. As you can see, it contains lots of application in order to make GNOME 2.30 works as intended and some of them are not in Slackware-Current, so be sure to check SlackBuilds project to get the packages in your system or you will have to compile it for yourself.

Please note, that it's his personal build order. Take your own risk if you want to use it to compile your own GNOME

Security Update: Firefox, Seamonkey, Thunderbird

Three mozilla products (Thunderbird, Seamonkey, and Firefox) has been updated with the latest release to fix the security problems as usual. Besides these three updates, there are k3b and libjpeg which also get upgraded to the latest version. As for k3b, it's still a development version, but it's quite stable. I have been using the k3b for burning CD/DVDs and the result is very good. No failed CD/DVD so far

The latest -Current changelog can be seen here

New Gtkpod Release

I have just upgraded to gtkpod 0.99.16, the latest version of gtkpod, which is not yet published on their website, but it's already available on SourceForge download page. What's new on this release? Well, here they are:
NEW FEATURE: Volumn control added to detail window for setting the volume of a track. Thanks to Andrea Odetti. IMPROVEMENT: Migration from hal, which is now deprecated, to gio. Thanks to Nikias Bassen. IMPROVEMENT: Translation support. IMPROVEMENT: Support for using CMake as well as autotools IMPROVEMENT: Code compatibility for compiling using Clang. Thanks to Maia Kozheva. BUGFIX: Crash when a cover art image is dragged and dropped. BUGFIX: Freeze when changing from the photo window back to the playlist window. BUGFIX: Numerous double frees and memory leaks.Meanwhile, libgpod, the library that makes gtkpod able to read iPod device has released a new development version, 0.7.92. This version brings supports to iP…

GNOME 2.30 by Walecha

My friend, Walecha has successfully build GNOME 2.30 from source on his Slackware machine. The screenshots can be seen at his blog post. He posted a GNOME build order on another post (based on GNOME 2.26) and i think there has to be some changes to build 2.30 from 2.26. Yes, GNOME build are definitely BIGGER than KDE and probably that's one of the reason why GNOME is now left away from Slackware besides PAM problem.

Before you build your own GNOME 2.30, please know that you might need to upgrade other packages which are the requirements of GNOME 2.30 and it's not yet satisfied in Slackware-Current, so you will have to compile it from source.

FYI, the blog post about the build order is in Indonesian language, but don't worry about that. Just read the order of the packages and you should be fine.

New Poll

Time to start a new poll and this time, it will be running for only one month. The question is simple. Like you have seen, there has been some problems after the batch of updates in -Current which introduced the new kernel 2.6.33 and also new XOrg packages (1.7.5). Some systems had a problem and i wanted to know whether those problem still persists up to now or not.

Please raise your vote and hopefully, by the end of this poll, we already have got the solution for this problem

Poll Results

Two months is long enough and it's time to show the results of the poll. Based on the poll, most voters didn't have the hybrid laptops yet and they do not wish to buy them. It reached 72% of the total votes, with 34 voters.

IMHO, the main reason is that Hybrid GPU is not yet supported in Linux (it will in the next Linux Kernel release after Dave Airlie pushed his work to the Linus' tree and got accepted in the merge window). I believe it will change when it has an official support in the kernel or in the XOrg packages in the future.

I do have hybrid laptop and so far, i can make use only the Intel card, leaving NVidia's card useless so i have to turn it off to make my battery life last longer.

Here are the poll results:
No, i don't have one and not planning to buy it 34 (72%)
Yes, i do have (can be more than one) 5 (10%)
No, but i'm planning to buy it 8 (17%)

KDE 4.4.2 With PolicyKit From Eric

For some time, people may be wondering, why on earth Slackware-Current hasn't include KDE 4.4 on the tree even though it has released their second maintenance version (4.4.2). Well, Eric or most people know him as AlienBOB has described the problem on LQ.

In short, Slackware is not able to satisfy some of the requirements that KDE 4.4.x depends on, which is PolicyKit. Why is that? Because PolicyKit depends on PAM, something that makes GNOME were not being distributed again in Slackware since 10.2 since it requires PAM. This resulted in two options: leave KDE 4.4 (or probably abandon KDE like GNOME if no further action can be done with KDE) or wait until PolicyKit is able to be built without being dependend to PAM. That's why Pat still uses KDE 4.3.x in -Current and probably add KDE 4.4 or 4.5 when the next next Slackware release, yes, it's a double next (14 or 13.2).

The long await has finally paid off. Piter PUNK and Robby Workman has worked with one of the WICD developer t…

Security Update: OpenSSL, Firefox, Seamonkey

Three security updates were released just now. They are OpenSSL, Firefox, and Seamonkey packages. Along with this release, several packages gets an upgrade also, such as the Kernels, Java, and many others.

Since it's very new, it hasn't reached Slackware's mirror in OSUOSL yet. When i tried to run my rsync script, it didn't get the new updates yet. I think it will take some time before it reaches the main mirror and then distributed to other mirrors.

I wonder if Slackware will use the new OpenSSL 1.0 package in the future. It has been released, but it's a major upgrade compared to 0.9.8 version, so thorough testing is required before it is included in -Current.

Oh, and i hope it's not an April Fool's update