Stay Out of x/

Today i just make my 2 desktop broken due to XOrg. My first workstation is my test system which i used at my office. I rarely used it, so it's no big deal if it's broken, and i did broke it when i upgraded to Slackware-Current today. It couldn't start X after upgrading to the latest XOrg-Server packages.

Next, i tried to do another upgrade at my home desktop, but this time, i left x/ directory. Everything works just fine until i tried to do some test by upgrading only the xorg-servers-* packages and boom.... it happened again.

Right now, i'm building a new kernel (2.6.31) so i can activate NVIdia driver again. Why would i not using 2.6.33 instead? The problem is that i'm using VMWare and for the version i used, it cannot go further than 2.6.31. I have tried to compile 2.6.32 in the past and it won't work again, so i'm sticking with 2.6.31 for now.

For now, if you want to play with -Current, try to avoid x/ directory unless you are ready to take the risk like what i did Lonely. If you are lucky enough, then you won't have any problem with KMS, but if you don't, get ready to get dirty and start hacking our own Slackware machine Evil Grin

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