No Updates For a Month

I haven't updated this blog for some time and it's due to my busy schedule this semester. Also, there's now public activities in Slackware-Current, which is mainly the source of this blog updates.

No public activities doesn't mean there's no development at all. What i mean with that is Pat and the team are doing a private testing on an area where most people (including me) don't have access to it. I'm not sure what kind of testing which requires one full month, but it could be a thorough testing and it's too risky to put those packages goes public without a carefull testing first (even though that's what -Current are supposed to be).

Anyway, it's a good sign that Pat doesn't want to burn other's people computer by releasing untested applications to the public as Slackware stands with it's stability and secure philosophy.

I'm still hoping that Pat will consider bringing KDE 4.4 on -Current as it's more stable than 4.3 and many people have tried to use it (Thanks to Eric for building the packages and put them on his repository). I know it's a big change for Slackware to include KDE 4.4 as new packages have to be added and many will have to be updated as well, but it's just my wish list for next Slackware release.

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