KDE 4.4.0 Will Not be in -Current?

Actually i really wanted to have KDE 4.4.0 being integrated into -Current, but today i browsed LQ and found the reason why Eric build them on his own repository instead of having Pat put it on -Current.

The reason why KDE 4.4.0 will not be put under -Current is because there are some dependencies that Slackware might not satisfy to build KDE 4.4.0 (i think it can be done, but it requires too much efforts and testing and probably broke others and this is unacceptable for Pat).

Therefore, for now, if you want to use KDE 4.4 on Slackware, the best option for you is to use Eric's packages which lies on his repository. Please note that Eric himself has noted that his KDE packages might miss some features due to inexistence of Polkit package in Slackware.

Some people have reported that this KDE are getting better and better. It just makes me wanted to upgrade to KDE 4.4 but it will force me to use unofficial packages Crying

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