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No Updates For a Month

I haven't updated this blog for some time and it's due to my busy schedule this semester. Also, there's now public activities in Slackware-Current, which is mainly the source of this blog updates.

No public activities doesn't mean there's no development at all. What i mean with that is Pat and the team are doing a private testing on an area where most people (including me) don't have access to it. I'm not sure what kind of testing which requires one full month, but it could be a thorough testing and it's too risky to put those packages goes public without a carefull testing first (even though that's what -Current are supposed to be).

Anyway, it's a good sign that Pat doesn't want to burn other's people computer by releasing untested applications to the public as Slackware stands with it's stability and secure philosophy.

I'm still hoping that Pat will consider bringing KDE 4.4 on -Current as it's more stable than 4.3 and many pe…

KDE 4.4.0 Will Not be in -Current?

Actually i really wanted to have KDE 4.4.0 being integrated into -Current, but today i browsed LQ and found the reason why Eric build them on his own repository instead of having Pat put it on -Current.

The reason why KDE 4.4.0 will not be put under -Current is because there are some dependencies that Slackware might not satisfy to build KDE 4.4.0 (i think it can be done, but it requires too much efforts and testing and probably broke others and this is unacceptable for Pat).

Therefore, for now, if you want to use KDE 4.4 on Slackware, the best option for you is to use Eric's packages which lies on his repository. Please note that Eric himself has noted that his KDE packages might miss some features due to inexistence of Polkit package in Slackware.

Some people have reported that this KDE are getting better and better. It just makes me wanted to upgrade to KDE 4.4 but it will force me to use unofficial packages

Switchable GPU on Linux

People who have hybrid GPU laptops can now test a patch called switcheroo from David Airlie which is written by Martinez on Phoronix Forum. Basically, this patch is intended to work on the next kernel release, as it may require some new DRM and noveau codes which lies on 2.6.33-RC7 (the latest development Linux kernel at the time this post is written).

I'm not sure whether this patch is applied for NVidia or not, but it surely should work for Intel/ATI combination. I'm hoping that David will also post how to make Intel/NVidia works in the future (perhaps in 2.6.34 later on).

Well, it's a good sign anyways.

KDE SC 4.4 and OOo 3.2.0 Released

Today, KDE SC 4.4 is released officially along with a re-design of it's homepage. I'm looking forward to see it included on Slackware-Current. I believe Eric and Robby has tested KDE 4.4 since RC or Beta version and they believed it's stable enough, so i'm pretty sure it will come up on -Current shortly (well, probably it will take some day, but it will be soon enough).

Also, 3.2.0 is also released to public mirrors. You can get them on mirror sites located near your location. I have downloaded them all, and now in a process of installing it

Some ASUS UL80VT Problem Solved

When i bought this laptop (ASUS UL80VT), i never thought it would have problem with Linux, mostly about the dual VGA Card. The brightness key combination didn't work also (it worked out of the box on my previous ACER laptop).

Thanks to Ubuntu team and also member of asus-ul30 mailing list who work together to collect DSDT from other people who have hybrid graphic cards as well and analyze them, i now able to set my brightness and disable NVidia card temporarily to boot my battery life much longer than before.

To set the brightness, you can just use xbacklight command from xbacklight package, included on Slackware's default package on x/ directory. I used this two scripts on my laptop
xbacklight -inc 10

xbacklight -dec 10
Give them light-up and light-down and put them on some place on your PATH. I used /usr/local/bin, since it's my own scripts. Don't forget to give execute permission by running chmod +x /usr/local/bin/light-*. To make it easier for you to c…

New Poll

New poll has been made and this time, it's not related to Slackware directly (my apologies). I wanted to know whether you have a hybrid laptop or not, since it's now becoming a common thing to see many hybrid laptop on the market, but unfortunately there is no Linux support for now. I have asked ASUS (my laptop vendor) and they replied that they don't have plan to support Linux users for now, so i'm lost with both GPU running all the time on my ASUS UL80VT. This has a consequences with the battery life. Even though they said it could last for 12 hours, with 2 GPUs running at the same time, it dropped to 5-6 hours only.

So, give it a try and submit your vote on this poll

Poll Result

Two months have passed since early this year and it's time to post the result of the poll i conducted earlier this year. There were 75 voters, and 36% of those people believed that next Slackware (probably 13.1) will be released on June/July, followed by 30% who believed that it will be released on April/May.

Here's the results:
April/May 2010 23 (30%)
June/July 2010 27 (36%)
August/September 2010 13 (17%)
October/November 2010 12 (16%)

Please note that this schedule is not the real Slackware release schedule. The final decision on the release date of next Slackware is on Patrick himself.

Future of GPU Switching

Ok, this is not related to Slackware directly, but i still wanted to post it here anyways. David Airlie has posted a video (unfortunately not the best video) about a demonstration how GPU Switching can be done in Linux. While this might not be a problem in Windows 7, this operation is not yet supported on any Linux distribution.

Nevertheless, it doesn't stop people to try to create a script that enables users to switch between GPU (mostly are Intel GMA and NVidia or ATI) so that it would have longer battery life, since if we don't turn off one of them, it will drain the battery faster.

I'm looking forward to see this script available to any Linux distribution, so i can start using my NVidia GPU instead of using Intel GMA on my ASUS UL80VT laptop.

New Kernel Series

The default kernel stock on -Current has been upgraded to, which is the latest stable kernel available for now.

One interesting change for this updates is that mpg123 is now brought out from /extra, upgraded to the latest version and being added into ap/ directory, replacing mpg321. Besides of this, everything was trivial, upgraded git, urwid, shadow and also the images has been rebuilt to include the latest kernel on -Current.

Here's the latest changes on -Current:
Sun Jan 31 19:28:54 UTC 2010
a/shadow- Rebuilt.
Removed /etc/login.defs that was not supposed to be installed directly.
Thanks to sahko.

ap/mpg123-1.10.0-i486-2.txz: Rebuilt.
This should probably not include an arts output module.
Thanks to GĂ©rard Monpontet.
Sun Jan 31 00:14:48 UTC 2010
Thanks to Robby Workman for most of the non-kernel updates below!
a/kernel-firmware- Upgraded.

a/kernel-generic- Upgraded.