Small number of patches are coming through Slackware-Current updates yesterday. It touched several packages and thus it will enhance it better, so it's better to have it upgraded as well.

Here's the latest -Current changelog:
Mon Jan 25 23:13:23 UTC 2010
a/eject-2.1.5-i486-2.txz: Rebuilt.
Fixed a problem handling spaces within mount points.
Thanks to Andrea Amerini for the bug report.

a/syslinux-3.84-i486-2.txz: Rebuilt.
Fixed missing files.

l/seamonkey-solibs-2.0.2-i486-2.txz: Rebuilt.

n/rdist-6.1.5-i486-2.txz: Rebuilt.
Merged Fedora patches to fix symlink creation by rdistd.
Thanks to Vincent Liggio for the bug report.

xap/seamonkey-2.0.2-i486-2.txz: Rebuilt.
Added js.msg "header" needed to compile google-gadgets.
Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger for the bug report.

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