Poll Result

After two months since the last poll, finally it's a chance to announce the poll results. Two months ago, i asked what features that you think most interesting on Slackware 13.0. So here's the results:

Major Upgrade for Desktop Environment 48 (39%)
Newer Kernel for Better Hardware Support 41 (33%)
x86_64 porting 71 (58%)
Automatic Detection for X Org 39 (32%)
New .txz Format With Better Compression 60 (49%)
Improved Network Detection Through wicd 29 (23%)
Major Upgrade on Firefox 26 (21%)
Better Video Player with MPlayer 29 (23%)
Better Wireless Intel Driver 23 (19%)
Others (not mentioned in above options) 11 (9%)

We came up with x86_64 porting as the winner, followed by new .txz format with LZMA algorithm to reduce file size. It's no surprise, since x86_64 support has been requested by many people and there hasn't any official support for them until Eric came up and started this porting. Fred with his Slamd64 has done a great job in the past, but now, here comes the official porting from Patrick and the Slackware team.

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