Fixing MySQL Problem During Upgrade

If you follow Slackware-Current, you might notice that MySQL has been upgraded into 5.1.39, which is now the GA version from MySQL, replacing the previous GA version, 5.0.xx. Like always, changes in GA might have some configuration changes which requires manual modification into the configuration files. This is the same thing i had when i upgrade to 5.1.39 in -Current today.

Normally, after the upgrade is finished, i only need to restart the MySQL daemon and everything will work, but not on this case. I posted on LQ and i got the solution less than one day. The problem lies on my /etc/my.cnf file which still has skip-federated option. It is no longer an option in 5.1.39, so when i start the server, it failed and it won't start.

The solution is to comment this line or remove it and restart your MySQL daemon by issuing /etc/rc.d/rc.mysqld stop and /etc/rc.d/rc.mysqld start.

It will work again big grin

Again, LQ has done a great job on helping other Slackware users thumbs up

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