Sunday, October 18, 2009

Broken shared-mime-info Package

Shortly after updating to the latest -Current, i got a new bug, which caused pidgin to lost it's icon, both in system tray and also in the application. I couldn't see my emoticons and my avatar. Another report was found in LQ which happened in wicd-client icon.

The problem *may* lies in shared-mime-info package, which is upgraded in the last batch of update. I tried to revert it back to the previous version 0.60 and the problem is now gone. So for now, don't update the shared-mime-info package after there's a fix from Pat on the next update unless you want to see some application got broken with missing icons.

Update (6:37 PM): Robby Workman mentioned a solution pointed by Andrew Brouwers in IRC about shared-mime-info which likely caused the problem. A quick solution is to run this command as root:
update-mime-database /usr/share/mime

I have tried the solution and yes, it worked here, so you can now safely upgrade your shared-mime-info package and run above command to fix the problem.

and this command as each users:
update-mime-database $HOME/.local/share/mime

I have tried this solution and yes, it worked here. So i guess you can upgrade your shared-mime-info package and make sure you ran above command to avoid the problem.