Suggestion for New Slackware Users

If you are new to Slackware and looking for help, i would suggest that you read the philosophy of Slackware first. You will find it very helpful to understand why Slackware use different approaches compared to other Linux distributions, such as text-based installer, no GUI after installation, no automatic partition tools, and many more.

LinuxQuestions are good forum with good (or i could say best) people that helps people who just entered Slackware environment or even a guru. Many Slackware users and contributors helps each other on this forum. It's the best place for Slackware users to ask, discuss, and debate on Slackware.

But when it comes to insulting or trolling, there will be BIG (yes, i said BIG) problem. You won't get your problem solved, but rather, you will get a new label: TROLL. Looking for example? Check this thread Am I Missing Something? Why is Slackware is Still so far Behind?

I need several minutes to stop laughing after reading this thread rolling on the floor

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