Saturday, August 1, 2009

Poll Result

Two months has passed and it's time to announce the results of the poll. While Slackware 13.0 and Slackware64 13.0 hasn't been released yet (but soon i guess), most people who voted on the poll will likely to use 13.0 version with only 9 voters who will not migrate to this version.

Here's the result:
Slackware 13.0 32 bit
140 (41%)
Slackware 13.0 64 bit
95 (28%)
Slackware 13.0 32 bit + 64 bit
50 (14%)
40 (11%)
I'm not migrating
9 (2%)

Slackware(64) 13.0 is indeed interesting release, not by it's number but by it's feature that will bring new excitement of Slackware. Like always, major release is always a perfect time to see major changes happening on Slackware distribution. While most features do not change too much (such as curses-based installation), the overall system has changed quite a bit and the transition is going very well. You can see it when you are using -Current tree.