More Updates Coming Through

Unlike the usual time to update, tonight, Slackware-Current received several updates across many directory. Some interesting updates are etc, which has been bumped into 13.0 and root user is now added to several groups. There's also Apache update and many more.

Here's the latest -Current Changelog:
Tue Aug 11 01:04:25 CDT 2009
a/etc-13.0-noarch-1.txz: Upgraded.
Added root to power, netdev, and scanner groups in /etc/group.

a/pciutils-3.1.3-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.

a/rpm2tgz-1.1-i486-1.txz: Upgraded. Make .tgz with makepkg, not tar.

ap/man-1.6f-i486-2.txz: In man.conf, change nroff from using -Tlatin1 to using -mandoc. Thanks to Ricardo Garcia.

ap/man-pages-3.22-noarch-1.txz: Upgraded.

d/guile-1.8.7-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.

kde/kaudiocreator-r1008583-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.

kde/kdelibs-4.2.4-i486-3.txz: Rebuilt. Patched kdesu to fix NOPASS option.
Thanks to Piter Punk!

l/imlib-1.9.15-i486-5.txz: Rebuilt. Fixed doc directory perms.

l/qt-r1008952-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
Fixed symlink to QtDesignerComponents.pc. Thanks to oneforall.

n/httpd-2.2.13-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
This is a bugfix release. It also upgrades the internal versions of apr and apr-util to address CVE-2009-2412, but Slackware uses the system versions of these libraries which have already been upgraded.

n/mailx-12.4-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.

n/netatalk-2.0.4-i486-2.txz: Rebuilt.
Don't install rc.atalk as executable by default.

t/transfig-3.2.5a-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.

t/xfig-3.2.5b-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.

x/xorg-cf-files-1.0.2-noarch-3.txz: Rebuilt.

xap/gnuplot-4.2.5-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.

xap/xlockmore-5.28-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.

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