Kernel on Testing

Get ready for Slackware 13.0, as Pat himself has given a sign that a release of Slackware 13.0 is close to an end. Good news is that there are still some small changes on -Current and there's one big thing happening on /testing, which is the addition of Linux Kernel Many people would asked why on earth does Slackware doesn't ship and instead going with

We should all understand that newer kernel does bring new feature and better hardware detection as many drivers were added during development, but it *may* also breaks in some occasions. While the release date is getting closer, there's not enough time to do a full-blown testing on the new kernel and Slackware is stick with it's stable philosophy. Slackware isn't a bleeding-edge system that sacrifices the stability of a system.

That's why Pat has generously put on /testing. This directory probably won't be included in the CD/DVD form, but you can download them manually from the mirror sites around the world. Pat has stated very clearly that you should read the README_FIRST.TXT in the kernel directory before you try to use this kernel packages.

There are some small changes in other packages, but most of them are just recompiled package.

Have fun with it and prepare for the next Slackware 13.0 party

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