First Installation of Slackware 13.0

Yesterday, i went to my campus to meet with new students who have joined with UKDW Net Club. One of it's division is Linux User Group. I went there bringing the latest Slackware 13.0 ISOs on my hand, because one of them was asking for it and he wanted to install Slackware 13.0 on his laptop.

When i got there, one of the new students asked me to install Slackware 13.0 on his laptop and i agreed to do it. Everything works very fast, and in the end, he was very pleased to have Slackware works perfectly. All the major component were detected automatically. I have to run alsaconf for the sound card, but after that, it worked without no problem.

When i ran the X (using KDE), the resolution is set up for optimum resolution, without having to mess up with xorg.conf anymore. I tried to enable the desktop effect and it worked. I haven't installed NVidia drivers yet, but it's still working and very smooth. Many other students were amazed with Slackware, mostly the girls laughing

When he asked about the WiFI, i installed WICD tool and start scanning, it got an IP and he can start browsing the Internet. Meaning that his WiFI card was detected by the default Slackware kernel thumbs up

This is my fresh first installation of Slackware 13.0, because even though i'm using 13.0, i followed it from -Current tree, so it's not a fresh one.

I have a good impression on my first installation of Slackware 13.0. What about you? peace sign

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