More Updates

Ok, since i have come back to my home, i can start updating this blog again. There are several interesting updates since my last post few days ago.

Mesa 7.4.4 has been moved out from /testing to be used in the next Slackware release. I have tested it here on my desktop and my laptop and it's proven to be stable, but hey, it's just two cases. NMap finally gets an update after a final release has been published by Fyodor. It incorporates big changes since 4.76 release and it's pretty darn good.

There is an addition of intel driver at /extra just in case you have trouble using the 902 version (mostly because you haven't use Linux kernel 2.6.30 which has the KMS feature). The slocate has been tweaked to use ionice which makes the performance slightly better than before. This has been discussed at LQ.

Mozilla Firefox also gets a cosmetic update by using the new Firefox logo. I don't really see the big differences between the new and the old one though.

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