Working With txz Files

Some people asked in Forum and in the mailing list about how do they install txz files which is new on Slackware-Current? Apparently, if you are following -Current, it won't be a problem for you as you already have all the packages needed to install txz files.

The problems may arise when you try to mix -Current and -Stable packages. It's NOT recommended because packages in -Current are build with different toolchain than in -Stable and due to changes here and there, it *might* break compatibilities with -Stable.

But, if you need to work with txz files, you will need to update following packages:
  • tar
  • gzip
  • pkgtool
  • file
  • coreutils
  • less
  • xz
Best option is to upgrade fully to -Current and you won't have problem with txz.

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