Slackware 64Bit

Big announcement on Slackware's official website today. No... no... it's not the upcoming release of Slackware 13.0, but a new version of Slackware64. What is this anyway?

Up to yesterday, people who uses 64-bit processors will not gain any benefit from Slackware's packages are they are tuned up for 32-bits. Their only hopes are from Slamd64 project. Well, now the official Slackware64 is on the way and it has been synced with Slackware-Current, so changes in Slackware-Current will now be available also on Slackware64. You will find a new directory under Slackware's mirror called slackware64-current, for example like this one:

Thanks to Patrick and Slackware crew who have done a great job testing and making it possible party

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