Default Kernel Stock Upgraded

Today, the default kernel stock supported on Slackware-Current has been upgraded to While the next Linux kernel (2.6.30) is still on development and it's on the way, there's no sign (for now) to include them on -Current tree as it has to be tested and passed some internal testing from Slackware crew first. Probably after or .2, it will be considered as stable, as usually the first final release of next version contains lots of features and sometimes bugs are not yet fixed due to limited time frame for testing.

Here's the latest -Current changelog:
Fri May 29 17:24:03 CDT 2009
a/kernel-firmware- Upgraded to Linux firmware.

a/kernel-generic- Upgraded to Linux

a/kernel-generic-smp- Upgraded to Linux

a/kernel-huge- Upgraded to Linux

a/kernel-huge-smp- Upgraded to Linux

a/kernel-modules- Upgraded to Linux modules.

a/kernel-modules-smp- Upgraded to Linux modules.

ap/vim-7.2.191-i486-1.txz: Patched vimrc to add the option 'set backupskip+=/var/spool/cron/*', which should fix the problems with using vim with "crontab -e". Note that if a global vimrc already exists the new one will be installed as and must be moved into place.
Thanks to Rodrigo Bistolfi for the patch.

d/gettext-tools-0.17-i486-3.txz: Recompiled against libgcj.

d/kernel-headers- Upgraded to Linux headers.

k/kernel-source- Upgraded to Linux source.

xap/MPlayer-r29328-i486-1.txz: Upgraded to MPlayer-r29328.

xap/vim-gvim-7.2.191-i486-1.txz: Recompiled.

xap/xine-lib- Recompiled.

extra/linux- Regenerated SMP to no-SMP kernel source patch.

isolinux/initrd.img: Rebuilt with newly compiled kernel modules.

kernels/*: Rebuilt.

usb-and-pxe-installers/: Rebuilt usbboot.img with newly compiled kernel modules.

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