Indonesian Slackbasics-i18n Project

This morning, i have added all the skeleton files for Indonesian Slackbasics-i18n project which i copied from the English version. All the files are ready to be translated and by this post, i invite all of Indonesian Slackware users to join this project and finish up this translations so that it could be used by any other Indonesian Slackware users.

For now, my focus is to move translated files from our repository in Slackware.Linux.Or.Id into Google Code. This will take some time, as we didn't translate the XML files, but we generated the HTML files and we translated the HTML files.

This project are hosted at Google Code and it will use SVN as the collaboration tools. You can see the information on how to obtain the sources here.

Thanks to Marcelo Andrade for inviting me into this project and i hope more translations will come in the future.

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