Upgraded to Latest -Current

I finally decided to upgrade my laptop as an experiment to the latest -Current tree which consists of lots of new applications. The first thing i did was upgrading my kernel, which i have done yesterday.

My next step is upgrading the glibc-solibs first. This is the FIRST thing you must upgrade when you wanted to follow the -Current tree. After this upgrade, you can start upgrading the rest and you will be fine (finger crossed) it wasnt me

After upgrading all the necessary packages, i started to merge new configuration files which were scattered in /etc directory, so i just issued this command to find it: find /etc -name "*.new"

There was a bash-4.0.0 package on /testing which replaced 3.2.048. I did try this package for few minutes, but it keeps on crashing and didn't produce the output i wanted. So i finally decided to go back to bash-3.2.048 for now. Lucky me i didn't throw it away laughing

Except for bash-4.0.0, everything was good, mostly for GIMP-2.6.5. The interface changed a lot and it's getting better. Also i saw a slight improvement after i upgraded to kernel I think the kernel developers have fixed some performance problem during the kernel development.

Go enjoy -Current and test it. It's really fun after all thumbs up

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