Poll Result

Even though February is only 28 days old, but it doesn't stop the voters to vote on last month's poll and here are the results. The question was about KDE 4.2 which has been included in /testing for several months by Pat. There were 87 voters who have gave their votes on the poll and here they are:
I love it and i have used it 26 (29%)
I love it, but i think i'll wait for next Slackware release 20 (22%)
I'd rather wait for 4.2.1 5 (5%)
I prefer KDE 3.5.x instead 20 (22%)
I don't use KDE 16 (18%)

It's a close vote with 5 out of 6 options given are chosen by most of the voters and the score wasn't widely gapped.

Thanks for the votes and wait for another round for this month's poll which will come out shortly big grin

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