Kernel Upgrade

I have been using Kernel for some time and since the -Current has been upgraded to use, i'm upgrading my kernel to sync with the latest -Current build. I did have some problem upgrading the kernel, as my hard driver is no longer detected as /dev/hdc, but as /dev/sda, so i had a kernel panic few minutes ago.

Next, i booted with the old kernel and change the /etc/fstab entries and reboot to change to the new kernel. I added root=/dev/sda9 option to make it work as i wasn't able to edit /etc/lilo.conf (yet) or it won't read non-existence /dev/sda9 (in the old kernel) and it boots nicely. Next is to edit /etc/lilo.conf and make sure it has the same device naming as the others.

OK, kernel is finished, next is the updates. I believe it won't be a problem on my laptop, but i think it will be a big one for my desktop, as i'm still using KDE 3.5.10 on my desktop. That means, i had to switch to KDE 4 also crying

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