Adobe Reader 9.1.0 is Available

For some time, Unix/Linux users who used Acrobat Reader from Adobe were lacking behind Windows users as Adobe hasn't updated his product for Linux/Unix platform. Right now the wait is over as Adobe has released Adobe Reader 9.1.0 for Unix/Linux platform, including for Solaris users. The package comes in several formats: deb, rpm, bin, and tar.bz2.

Those files can be downloaded from Adobe's FTP server

Installation is very straightforward. I used tar.bz2 package and after i extracted the file, i just execute the INSTALL file and it will asked where would i place the installation directory and after that, it will install it on the directory i specified. Don't forget to copy the file (in /INSTALL_PATH/Adobe/Reader9/Browser/intellinux/) to your browser's plugin directory in order to enable your browser to read PDF files directly.

The strange thing is that when i entered about:plugins on Firefox, it displayed two version of PDF plugins, 8.0 and 9.1 version confused

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