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Since i have been able to upgrade my KDE into KDE 4.2.0 and display some screenshots on Facebook and write small HOWTO to do that, many people that i know have been using KDE 4.2.0 in their computer/laptop as well. There is one people i know who rushed into his friend's house just to download KDE 4.2.0 packages after he read the announcement laughing. Others spent his day just to upgrade to KDE 4.2.0.

I think KDE 4.2.0 is quite phenomenal and this is the answer they have been expecting after (IMHO) a bad debut on KDE 4.0.0 back in last year. Even though it's not yet perfect and still not as configurable as KDE 3.5.10, it's worth mentioning that KDE 4.2.0 is the best of all KDE release so far. Many requests has been fulfilled and takes place on KDE 4.2.0.

We shall see more updates when KDE 4.2.1 shipped this month. I agree with monthly incremental model used by KDE team to release each KDE version. It gives a packager some time to prepare the resources and taking notes what has been changed in the build requirements.

While working with monthly updates, KDE team also progressing on KDE 4.3.0. Vavai has been using KDE 4.3.0 on his OpenSUSE system.

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