Upgrading to 12.2 HowTo

If you have been using previous Slackware installation prior to 12.2 and wishing to upgrade it now, you can now check a very good and detailed post about HowTo: Upgrade to Slackware 12.2 from LQ's member (shadowsnipes). You can also see previous HowTo to upgrade to 12.1. This article will give you hints when to get the source, how to smoothen your upgrade process and tips when you had problem prior or after upgrading to the latest version of Slackware.

And remember, don't panic when everything worked out of the box because people out there had been shouting like this big grin

For those who haven't tried Slackware before, it may be the best time to try out Slackware. Maybe you will be addicted to Slackware once you tried it out.

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