Roundup of 2008

Well, it's the last day of this year, so i guess it would be good to write a small summary of what happened this year related to Slackware project. It's indeed an interesting year, since Slackware has released two version this year, 12.1 in May and 12.2 in December. This is an incremental update from previous 12.0 which was released last year. Even though it's an incremental update, there were several things that were interesting to check, mostly 12.2, the latest version up to the end of this year.

We are looking for 13.0 next year which i believe bring lots of major changes in the components itself. Even so, it still holds the KISS principle, so don't worry about that. Stability, Security, and Simplicity are still the main keys of Slackware development motivations.

There are no -Current activities on the surface (yet) as the -Stable 12.2 has just been released except for small update which really needs to be released, for example security updates and annoying bugs in mkinitrd. It will be started again on January or February, depends on the maintainer.

On the local Slackware community (we are talking about ID-Slackware), we continued what we had done last year with more improvements here and there.

CD Forum Linux 8.10 "Love"
Budi from Baliwae has released an update of CD Forum Linux 8.10 "Love" which is a LiveCD (Slackware based) which contains offline version of Indonesian Linux Forum. Check this post for more information about it.

Chat Room
We now have official Chat Room on freenode servers using ##id-slackware name. Please join with us to discuss about Slackware. Feel free to ask about troubleshooting, installation, configuration, and many more, as long as it's related to Slackware. It's still new, so don't expect huge member like the official ##slackware

Indonesian Planet Slackware
The Indonesian Planet Slackware is a blog aggregation service provided to list all blogs related to Slackware from Indonesian people. We have been running this for year and it's growing up. Please contact us to get your blog included on the list and show the world that you are a proud Slackware Users

Mailing List
The mailing list also got an improvements. We now have almost 400 members, growing almost doubled compared to last year, which is very positive. We didn't do too much promotion on this mailing list, except for mouth to mouth speaking, but it's quite effective after all.

Well, this might be all for this year, and we are hoping for more improvements next year. Happy New Year for all of you big grin

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