Online With Smart Modem: Haier D1200P

Thanks to several authors who have wrote how to connect to the Internet using Smart as the provider and using Haier D1200P as the modem. I have just tried the solution and it worked. The problem i encountered is the same with others. The device must be connected in Windows first and then it will be able to connect in Linux. At first, i tried it directly in Linux, but it failed. So i re-read the article and found out that some people get connected to Windows and then the device is able to connect in Linux. It's a strange problem, but it just fixed the problem i encountered.

I will try it again tomorrow with Linux as the first. Let's hope it is not dependent to Windows big grin

By the way, i used this resources:
- Supranov's Blog
- Maswawa's Blog

Ohh, finally, i forgot to mention that i am using Slackware on my laptop, so basically the article can be used for any Linux distributions.

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