Poll Result

I totally forgot that the poll has been closed by the end of last month, so i should post the results. Well, sorry for that and here are the results for last month's poll:
I like XMMS 32 (36%)
I prefer Audacious 5 (5%)
I prefer Amarok 36 (41%)
I have other multimedia player 7 (8%)
I don't play music on my computer 2 (2%)
XMMS Sucks 5 (5%)

Well, most people that uses Slackware are already being migrating to AmaroK, the multimedia player for KDE (even though it could be installed without having all the KDE packages being installed. Only kdelibs and kdebase needed i guess). One interesting notes is that there are two people who voted that they don't play music on his/her computer. I can't imagine a computer who isn't being used to listen up music (unless it's a server of course).

From the poll we can also conclude that many people still like XMMS as their multimedia player, so the returning XMMS on -Current is a good news for them.

Stay tuned with another poll in short time

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