Poll Results

September is past and here comes October. As usual, i will write something about the poll results that lasted for about one month. The question was about the new logo that appeared in the main Slackware site and also in the Changelog site. I asked about people's opinion about that logo and here's the result:

I like it. It's cool 16 (13%)
I prefer the old one 67 (57%)
It's complicated 16 (13%)
I don't care as long as it's still slackware 15 (12%)
What? Slackware? What's That? 3 (2%)

Majority of the voters vote the second option and they like the old logo (not the flippy one). Well, they got what they asked for now. Pat has changed the logo back to it's original. Please note that it's his decision to change the logo. It has nothing to do with this poll. I'm running a poll just for curiosity and i wanted to know what other thinks about particular things happening in Slackware development. If the poll results is the same with what happened in reality, it's just a coincidence and purely luck.

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