Poll Results

Well, another month, that means another poll results from Slackblogs. Last month's question was about OOo inclusion on Slackware's official tree. We 94 voters last month and here's the final results:

Yes, definitely 58 (61%)
No, people can use other source like Slackbuilds 29 (30%)
I don't use OOo, so it doesn't matter for me 7 (7%)

Most people would love to see OOo included on the Slackware. So far, people get it from SlackBuild as they already provide the SlackBuild script to convert the RPMs files into tgz so it can be easily be managed by pkgtools. I myself uses rpm2tgz to convert the files and so far, everything works just fine here.

FYI, building OOo from source it's really something painful. You have lots of requirements and lots of settings before you can start compiling (it doesn't count error on the compilation phase). If you don't believe it, try looking at this page. This will give you a head start of what the build process like.

One thing that makes me tickle when i read the vote post was the last option. There were people who still don't use OOo. I know it's bloated, but still it's probably the best office suite available in Linux platform.

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