More Entertainment Features

More entertainment and multimedia features in the latest update in -Current. Sox has been upgraded to 14.1.0. From the slack-desc, here's the description:
Sox is universal sound converter, player, and recorder.
Second update is a new package for visualization in Amarok. It's has been discussed in LQ and only in few hours, new package shipped big grin

Third update is all about the famous XMMS application. Yesterday, it suffers from DoubleSize mode and today, it is fixed.

Here's the latest -Current changelog:
Fri Sep 12 17:26:34 CDT 2008
ap/sox-14.1.0-i486-1.tgz: Upgraded to sox-14.1.0.
See the documention for changes to the command-line options.
Thanks to tasos and misiu for the update suggestion.

l/libvisual-plugins-0.4.0-i486-1.tgz: Added libvisual-plugins-0.4.0.
These create some cool special effects with Amarok.
Thanks to Darrell Anderson for suggesting the addition. :-)

xap/xmms-1.2.11-i486-2.tgz: Patched to fix the doublesize option.
Thanks to Patryk Krawaczynski, Keith Richie, and Catalin Tomozei for all sending in the same working patch. Honorable mentions to LukenShiro, misiu, and Willy Sudiarto Raharjo for proposing "XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1 xmms" as another possible workaround for the problem.

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