KDE 4.1.1 Arrives

One week after KDE 3.5.10 comes up, another release has been made by KDE team. This time, a monthly update to KDE 4.1.x series, which brings KDE 4.1.1 on the surface. This series will be updated monthly until they get to KDE 4.2.0 which is schedduled to on January 2009 (good idea to start a new year with better desktop manager).

In overall, KDE 4.1.1 brings this better performance and many bug fixes found on KDE 4.1.0 relased last month:
  • Significant performance, interaction and rendering correctness improvements in KHTML and Konqueror, KDE's webbrowser
  • User interaction, rendering and stability fixes in Plasma, the KDE4 desktop shell
  • PDF backend fixes in the document viewer Okular
  • Fixes in Gwenview, the image viewer's thumbnailing, more robust retrieval and display of images with broken metadata
  • Stability and interaction fixes in KMail
For full detailed changes, please see the Changelog. I have a feeling that this version will be added to /testing soon after Pat compiled the source and tested it.

I'm waiting for Vincent's packages to be updated and i will try this version too on my office workstation (not on my desktop at home).

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