Poll Result

It's a bit late, but only for one day, so it wasn't a big one. So, without any ADO, here's the poll result from last month's question: "What is your opinion about KDE 4 on Slackware?"

I totally agree 23 (26%)
It should be on /extra or /testing 40 (46%)
It's not stable enough 15 (17%)
I totally disagree 2 (2%)
I didn't use KDE 6 (6%)

So, based on the votes, people thinks that KDE 4.x should be placed in /extra or /testing rather than being the default window manager in next Slackware release. I can understand that, as many critics has been addresses towards KDE on the development progress, but after 4.1 release few days ago, i believe that it's getting more stable and when next Slackware gets released, it will be as mature as KDE 3.5.x and most application will have been ported to KDE 4.x. So there is a good chance that KDE 4.x will be shipped in next Slackware.

Also if you look on the changelog on July 28, Pat updates the sysvinit-scripts to reduce the verbose level as he's "playing" with KDE 4 (my assumption) which generates more error while booting up. I guess this can be an indication that the next KDE will be used rather than 3.5.x.
a/sysvinit-scripts-1.2-noarch-21.tgz: For now, quiet error output from update-mime-database, since KDE4 causes some "noise".

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