One Year of Serving

ID-Slackware mailing list has been serving the Indonesian Slackware community for about one year (13 months since July 2007). At the beginning when i created this mailing list, i thought the member would be less than 100 peoples because many people prefer to use easy-to-use Linux distribution (i consider Slackware is easy, but not to everybody), but today there are 305 of them (i know it's not so big compared to other Indonesian Linux communities like Ubuntu-ID or OpenSuSE-ID). Even so, i'm quite proud of it. I never explicitly publish this mailing list, but the member keep on coming and signed up. Most of them know this mailing list from our aggregator or Indonesian Linux Forum.

The discussion frequency also increased every month. This month (up to 16 August), there are about 204 posts, so equals to 12 posts/day. One of the reason is because someone asked in this mailing list about "Why do you choose Slackware Linux?". It seems that everybody eager to answer the question and post their opinion. Most of the answer are like everybody else. Simple, Stable, and Secure. But there are also funny answers too, for example "Slackware could make you addicted so your girlfriend left you because you spent your time hacking the Slackware all the time" laughing

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