Official KDE 4 on Slackware

Hey Hey Hey....
KDE 4 is already supported on Slackware-Current (it's still on /testing though). You may want to read the instructions before testing this packages. I have been using Vincent's packages and everything seems to work very well, but this one is the official packages from Pat which was helped by Robby and Heinz for maintaining the script to build the packages.

Another news about Slackware is that this project will have a new logo created by Mark from Senile Felines Designs (look the screenshot below)

Here's the latest -Current changelog:
Wed Aug 13 09:21:45 CDT 2008
l/poppler-0.8.5-i486-2.tgz: Added Qt4 support.
testing/packages/kde4: Added KDE version 4.1 to testing! :-)
Thanks to Robby Workman and Heinz Wiesinger for all the packaging and testing help, and of course to the whole KDE community for helping to bring the Linux desktop to a whole new level of appearance and ease of use. I've installed this on my main email/browsing/general machine and as far as I'm concerned there's just no looking back. It's really a big step forward.

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