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New Poll

Time to get new poll on the blog. This month's question is about KDE 4 in Slackware. We all know that KDE 4.1 will be shipped in the end of this month. Slackware didn't include it as the default window manager when 12.1 shipped like other Linux distro simply because it's not considered stable enough while stability is one of the key point for Slackware.

Robby Workman has tried to test this new KDE and provides the package (both source and binary) for you all to test in his web site. Some people has started to use KDE 4 and it's going bigger and bigger. The peak will be at the 4.1 release. Next Slackware release *might* include KDE 4.1. I say might because it's up to Patrick to decide. But from what i see in the Changelog, the next Slackware will targeting on KDE 4.1
Wed Jan 30 19:07:35 CST 2008
Great thanks are also due to the KDE team, not only for their tremendous accomplishments over the years, but for the gracious reception they gave to the members of the Slackware team who traveled to the release event. What a wonderful group of people! We had a great time there, learned a lot, and will be applying that knowledge and our new contacts within KDE to provide the best possible KDE experience for Slackware users. The next Slackware release will contain KDE 3.5.9, but we're targeting KDE 4.1.x for the one after that. The application end of things doesn't quite fully cover KDE3's functionality yet, but by then it will. As I'm sure most of you know, Robby has put up test packages of the initial KDE 4.0 release which I've tested and found to be consistent with what to expect from a developer's preview.

The look of the new desktop is stunning, and the use of SVG and hardware acceleration gives (IMHO) even something like MacOS a run for its money in terms of appearance and user-friendliness. We look forward with great anticipation to merging KDE4 when it is mature enough (and it's getting there fast), and then watching it just get better and better.
Once again, _huge_ thanks to our KDE friends! Stop by here any time. :-)
So, without any ado's, here's the new poll for all of you guys (and gals) winking

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