Migrate to Alpine?

Pine, a famous text-based email client has reached it's end of development cycle and now it's being replaced by it's successors, Alpine. It has been stated on it's official website:

Pine is no longer under active development. Consider evaluating its successor, Alpine, which supports all of Pine's functionality and more.

Alpine looks promising to me, as it's backward compatible with the old pine, meaning that your data will be saved when you migrate (even though it's still recommended to do full backups before you start migrating to Alpine). Not only compatible, but it's also support more feature than pine. Right now, their latest version is 1.10, which fixed quite a lot of problems found and also include some new features.

For those who loved using Pine Patches from Eduardo Chappa, you will be pleased that he also provides patches to Alpine now.

The problem is that Alpine is not yet included in -Current tree. Probably Pat is busy preparing for the next KDE 4.1 or planning what to include in the next -Current tree or perhaps he's still on vacation. When i looked a bit, the SlackBuild script to build Pine should work on Alpine also, with some modifications to the application name and version. I just hope it would make it into -Current, as Pine is no longer developed by the upstream.

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