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I was browsing through the net and i found this blog. What surprises me is the poll on the right side of this blog. The question of the blog at the time of writing this post (it could change anytime) is "Which community distro do you hate the most?" What's the answer? It surprises me, as Ubuntu community is the most hated and Slackware is the most loved community love struck

The total voters are more than one thousand votes and Slackware only get voted for 74 voters. Ubuntu, the number one distro (according to DistroWatch) is voted for over than 250 times (278 for precise). Ubuntu is so popular, but still there are people who dislike it's communities. I don't know why, but it's just a poll. It doesn't represent the actual facts that Ubuntu communities probably is the biggest one (currently).

I'm just happy to see that Slackware communities are not among those top three or top five. It proves that Slackware communities are probably friendly cool Look for LinuxQuestions for proof big grin

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