2.6.26: Not For Me Yet

I have just upgraded to the latest 2.6.26 kernel. Too bad, my fun only last for few hours, since it's not for me. On my desktop at home, i couldn't compile the NVidia drivers, due to NVidia hasn't release any patch yet nor release new driver which is compatible with 2.6.26 series. No big problem though, as i can use the old nv driver, but with some consequences i will not be able to launch Compiz for a while until they shipped another driver. I'll be out for one or two days, and i hope they will have shipped that new driver when i came back home big grin

On my office desktop, i didn't use Compiz, so it's not the big deal. The problem is that the new kernel caused my hard drive to make noisy sound when it accessed the data. I don't know what's the cause, but it won't happened when i used the old kernel ( Well, rather than killing my hard drive, i would stay with 2.6.25.x for now, as i don't need too much new features from 2.6.26 for now. I will have some test when comes out.

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