Kernel released

Just like i said earlier, kernel 2.6.25.x has the fastest track on all 2.6.x kernel series and it's going fast. Only few days and here comes another -Stable kernel release. It's This quick release can be seen from two point of view.

From security point of view, this is a good thing. Critical bugs are fixed at fast rate, so people who had problems at their system can patch it as soon as possible. In the other hand, from development point of view, some people might think that there's something wrong with the development process. Too many bugs were found after it has been released.

I know that there are no software that 100% bug free. Every software has bugs. It's just a matter of time when will the bugs are detected. The -Stable team realized this and this is the reason why they created 2.6.x.y version. Waiting for the next 2.6.x release is surely not a good idea, because the development process would take 2-3 months. By that time, exploits would have spread out and administrator would have to manually patch their kernel to fix the problem.

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