Poll Results

Another month has passed, so a poll has ended too. Last month's question is "Which New Features in Next Slackware 12.1 That You Like?" I gave several options for you to vote and here's the results:

Updated Toolchain (Glibc 2.7 and GCC 4.2.3) 47 (40%)
Kernel 2.6.24.x based 55 (47%)
Updated XOrg 7.3 50 (42%)
Updated Window Manager (KDE 3.5.9 and XFCE 4.2.2) 41 (35%)
Splash Screen in LILO 42 (35%)
Inclusion of New Fonts 27 (23%)
Inclusion of SCIM Packages 9 (7%)
Inclusion of Tango Icons 21 (17%)
Inclusion of Py* Packages 22 (18%)
Inclusion of Many Wireless Firmware 38 (32%)
NTFS Read/Write Support (via NTFS-3G, NTFSPROGS, and FUSE) 56 (47%)

We have two winners. People tends to like the inclusion of NTFS Read/Write Support via NTFS-3G, FUSE and NTFSPROGS and also a new kernel based on 2.6.24.x (currently it will be released using

New kernel meaning new features and also more hardware support, so it's likely a great option for those who has just bought new hardware as it will have bigger chance to detect their new shiny hardware big grin

As i expected, the SCIM inclusion is not very popular since most Slackware users are normally using English as their preference. It only got 9 votes from 117 voters.

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