Indonesian Mirror For Slackware 12.1

Good news for Indonesian Slackers!!!

Slackware 12.1 ISOs have arrived in several local mirrors, including Kambing, Slackware-ID, VIP, Indonesian Slackware Linux Community and UGM. I hope other mirrors will mirror this mirror and spread the Slackware ISOs like other ISO as well. Please note that some mirror doesn't provide Source CD (CD 4 - 6) and also DVD ISOs (yet, but i don't know whether they would provide it in the future or not). If you are looking for a DVD ISOs, i suggest that should wait for international mirror which has bigger bandwidth big grin

I also have provided a local mirror on my office computer that serves several popular Linux distribution besides Slackware (this is a MUST). It can help students to get Linux distribution ISOs easily without having to download them directly. I can use my campus bandwidth at night, since i can access my computer remotely from anywhere.

Too bad i couldn't get rsync get through the proxy server, so i couldn't provide SlackBuilds repository (this is very helpful to help Slackware users find their way to install third-party application).

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